Questions About BEAVSC & Arise

A.) Arise Virtual Solutions Inc., the leading global provider of virtual business process outsourcing and crowdsourcing solutions, provides thousands of work opportunities to small businesses run by stay-at-home moms, veterans, students, retirees and other entrepreneurial-minded individuals.  Arise offers a legitimate virtual work-from-home opportunity. Joining the Arise network is a great opportunity for those who are looking for flexibility, to earn a living working-from-home, to spend more time with friends and family or to start a business.For over a decade, Arise has pioneered a unique business model involving a network of at-home independent businesses capable of providing customer service, sales and technical support on programs for Arise clients, which include many of the top Fortune 150 companies.

A.) No, you will not be an employee of BEAVSC or Arise Virtual Solutions. Our team members are Independent Contractor’s of BEAVSC. You will receive a 1099 at the end of the year. You will also be responsible for paying your own taxes. If you have never worked as an independent contractor, we recommend consulting with an accountant or tax professional in your local area. They will be able to help you to become more familiar with the tax benefits of being an Independent Contractor/1099 worker.

No, taxes will not be deducted from your paycheck.  You will be issued a 1099-MISC for anything your invoice over $600.  Consult your tax professional on how to file this form and possible deductions your can take.

A.) Yes, you are required to be a legal resident of the United States in order to contract with us.

A.) 18 is the minimum age to contract with Bass, Edwards & Associates Virtual Services Corporation.

A.) First you will need to complete the admissions process, this can take as little as one day or as long as a week depending on how quickly you move through the steps. Once you complete the admissions process and select your client, all that is left is your training and then you are earning money. The length of the training course varies with each client. We have training courses that take as little as two days. Many of the clients that require longer training courses will often allow you to earn income while in training.

A.) Yes, BEAVSC charges a bi-weekly 10% administrative fee and Arise charges a $19.75  service fee. ( The 10% is an administrative fee paid to us to maintain overhead expenses of your partnership.  The $19.75 is taken by Arise and is their service fee for your contract.  Sometimes our business will run incentive and promotions that will lower your administrative fee with our company.) Nothing will be deducted from your bi-weekly paychecks aside from the fees aforementioned above. Did you know that when you apply at a hiring agency or third party call center that they often make a lot of money during your employment? This is because they’re actually getting paid $2-$5 more dollars per hour than the hourly rate that they pay you. We pass the entire amount compensated by the client on to our employees, because of this, we withhold a small flat rate fee, from each of your bi-weekly paychecks. This is much more beneficial to you than if we took several dollars off the top of your hourly pay.

A.) Yes, we are not currently contracting with clients in the following states: California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

A.) Arise is a legit work-from-home opportunity and we are rated A+ by the BBB, we have been featured on many national news programs and have received many awards. With any business endeavor there are start up costs involved which are an investment into your business. All of the start -up costs will be recouped once you begin servicing a client program.

BEAVSC will require a scheduled interview for the purposes of getting better acquainted with each of our CSPs and to help us guide you through the process, with ongoing support.

Arise Human Resources conducts interviews for employee positions only.  The work at home projects described here are work opportunities and are NOT EMPLOYMENT.  The Arise Human Resources Department is not involved in awarding these projects and does not conduct any interviews.

BEAVSC takes pride in knowing that each individual in their team have specific goals in mind. Providing one on one support and offering a strong agent community support system is vital to our team’s success. We prescreen so that we can know that we can help you succeed and can help align yourself with our core values and company culture.

Technical Questions

A.) Wireless networks and mobile devices are not supported nor recommended within the Admissions Process.   Once an Independent Business begins servicing a client program, wireless connections will be prohibited while providing service.  Please see the U.S. Workstation Requirements Guide for more details.

A.) Yes, you can use your laptop to service your Arise client, as long as your laptop meets the minimum requirements. (Click here to view min. requirements)

A.) Yes, but we suggest that you obtain a separate land-line telephone dedicated to taking incoming calls from your selected client. No one should have your dedicated land line number aside from Arise.

A.) Currently, Arise permits the use of a POTS line (Plain Old Telephone Service) and most VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Service Providers*. To ensure voice quality on VoIP, we require the use of a physical, hard-wired phone. Servicing is not permitted from cell phones, softphones (phone lines through a computer) or any other providers that do not require a hard-wired-physical phone such as: magicJack, Skype, Google Voice, Vonage or Ooma. Unlimited long distance is also highly recommended.

*Note: VoIP is allowed on most client programs – however, a small number of client programs currently prohibit the use of VoIP.  Please consult the Opportunity Announcement for each particular project for additional details.

A.) Yes a landline with long distance is required. This is how you will receive your calls.  You can also check out www, and click on the home phone service and order the box which is $69.99 or $15.00 for a refurbished one.

Training & General Questions about This Opportunity

A.) An important thing to keep in mind is that there is NO cold calling involved! You will be handling inbound phone calls that will be routed to you from your client’s phone system. These calls will consist of customer service, sales, or tech support. You will have your pick of clients and positions. You will answer the call and service the customer while you are logged into the client’s proprietary software on your computer.

A.) Once you complete the basic Arise admissions process, you will choose the client that you want to service. You will pay for your training class, which is led by an Arise certified instructor with several years experience with their client. The cost of the training courses varies, with most being between $19.99 and $159. After training you will continue to receive support from team members who are experts with your clients program. You will be able to reach out to them, and to us here at BEAVSC for support.

A.) As much as you would like! Most clients require a minimum of 15-20 hours each week, you must work at least the minimum to keep your contract active with your client. Some clients have a weekly maximum cap of 100 hours. All of our clients pay between $9.00 and $16.00 per hour. Many clients often offer monthly incentives that can increase your per hour rate. Work the minimum, the maximum, or any number of hours in between. How much money you make each month is up to you!

A.) You certainly can! We have CSP’s that work with us full time, and we also have CSP’s that work with us part time outside of their brick and mortar job.

A.) This opportunity is very competitive. The amount of money that you make is up to you. The amount of money that you will bring home each pay period is dependent on how much time you are willing to put in each week. Many clients also offer additional incentives for good performance.

A.) This is an automated 10 minute process that assesses voice clarity.

A.) Yes. All Independent Business Owners and their agents will be required to have a background check. Requirements regarding the impact of background checks may vary from project to project.

A.) Yes, the fee can be deducted from your paycheck. We are currently paying for our new CSP background check.

A.) The following situations may cause a background check to fail:

      (This may not be the full list of factors concerning failed background checks)

  • Felony or certain misdemeanor convictions

  • Pled guilty, no contest, deferred or probation before judgment, or had adjudication withheld

  • Disposition of No Contest/Nolo Contendere on felony or certain misdemeanor charges

  • Record of pending or outstanding warrants

A.) Independent Businesses provide important services to Arise on client programs and Arise has a vested interest in protecting the property, safety and welfare of its employees, clients and their customers.  A background check is required to confirm that each individual providing services on behalf of an Independent Business is free of disqualifying criminal convictions. Arise complies with all applicable laws related to its use of information from background checks.  Only criminal convictions are considered and a conviction does not necessarily preclude an individual from providing services on behalf of an Independent Business as a Client Support Professional. When evaluating this information, Arise considers all relevant factors including the bearing the criminal offense may have on the services required by the particular project.

Arise reserves the right to conduct additional background checks at any time. Should any background check report reveal that an individual has a disqualifying criminal conviction, the individual will not be permitted to provide services on the applicable client program on behalf of an Independent Business. Background checks are provided by a non-affiliated third party vendor and cost $12.95.

Please ensure that you provide complete and accurate information when completing a background check. Anyone who provides false information will be automatically disqualified and will forfeit any money paid to Arise or any of its third party vendors.