Support For Our Military Families


Bass, Edwards & Associates Virtual Services Corporation Supports our Troops!  Hiring our Heroes!

BEAVSC, partnered with Arise, is committed to providing opportunities to those who have given so much to their country by offering active members of the military, military spouses, veterans and veteran spouses several incentives to help them work from home.

Arise is a member of the Joining Forces initiative, a national initiative to engage all sectors of society, to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they have earned by providing them with the ability to start their own business.

Arise has also partnered with the Military Spouses Employment Partnership (MSEP) to provide military spouses with the opportunity to have work that moves with them, along with the flexibility they need to care for their families while their spouse is on active duty

As an Independent Business Owner in the Arise Virtual Solutions network BEAVCS is proud to be a part of First Lady’s Michelle Obama’s Joining Forces Initiative through Arise and ready to hire eligible veterans and military spouses today for hourly work.

At BEAVSC, we are a team, you will not work for us, you will work with us! We are looking to create a team of talented individuals who are ready to work for themselves! We are very excited to partner with our Customer Service Professionals/ Independent Contractors in their journey with Arise Virtual Solutions.

Military Sourcing Program


  • Active military, active military spouses, veterans and veteran spouses.

  • Create a profile from April 2012 to the present.


 50% refund from the CSP’s first client certification course.

Military Incentives Program


  • How to claim 50% off:

    1. Complete registration as advised in the email.
    2. Select “MILITARY” under “How did you hear about Arise”
    3. When it asks for the CSP ID of who referred you, enter “341009“.
    4. After completing background check with the opportunity you are interested in, DO NOT SUBMIT A PAYMENT just yet.
    5. Email your CSP ID and proof of military to Include either of the following:
      1. Certified Letter
      2. Mail Confirming Affiliation
      3. Military ID (limited to spouses)

    Once you have completed the above steps, you will receive your client certification course voucher to apply 50% off your certification course cost.

*Please be advised the Military Incentives are only available prior to the CSPs’ enrollment; reimbursements are not given if a CSP paid for the course prior to requesting or receiving the application of a voucher.

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