Technical Requirements

Arise Technical Requirements for CSP's

Below are the technical requirements you will need for​ ​Arise​. The requirements for before and after training varies slightly. In training you will only need a USB Headset, Computer and Internet. After completing training and you are servicing the client all requirements must have been met.Please note that these requirements are standard and may vary depending on which client you pick to start training with. It is always good to complete the Arise Profile and Background Check to see the list of client and determine which client require above standard hardware requirements. If you already have a profile, login and open the clients PDF or if you need to create one visit our careers page.

Desktop or Laptop

You can use either a Desktop or Laptop to service any of Arise clients. The computer will need to meet a minimum spec requirement which is a Dual-Core CPU with 2.8GHz and 4GB’s of RAM with Internet Connection. You must be hardwired into the Desktop or Laptop.


POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) is the simple telephone jack in your wall. VoIP is more modern and is being used more and more by your ISP (Internet Provider) which is providing you a Telephone Line over your Modem.

USB Headset

You will need a USB Headset which plugs into your desktop or laptop via a USB port. This will be your headset throughout all of training and for coaching after training.


This is what you will use to take the calls redirected to you by Arise clients. They are pretty simple to use and take up no space, it’ll be connected to you POTS or VoIP service by the cat3 cable. Like if you were to connect any other telephone.