Energy Customer Support (Work At Home)

Job Description

What to Expect:

  • Review, analyze and respond to customer billing
  • Up-sell eligible customers home warranty solutions
  • Resolve customer issues or questions
  • Processing payment deferrals and installment plans
  •  Attempt to save customers who may be moving,
    unhappy with the plan or current rate
  •  Quickly identify customer needs in first few minutes of
    the call to offer the appropriate plan
  •  Accurately enroll the customer in the correct plan
  •  Strive to resolve the customer issues on the first call
  • Build trust and rapport with the customer through
    clear, respectful interaction
  •  Always strive to ensure that overall customer satisfaction
    remains high, while resolving issues
  • Understand “client call flow” and  Utility regulation
  •  Ensure no Public Utilities Commission Complaints are