Are you unemployed and unsure how you will support your family when your unemployment benefits expire?  Are you a stay at home Mom or Dad in need of a flexible schedule that you can work from home?  Are you currently military, a military spouse, ex-military or veteran looking for work that is portable and can be accomplished from your home even if that location changes often?  Are you a student in college looking for an additional source of income? Are you currently employed, looking for a second job, or a job to supply a subliminal income? If any of these descriptions fit you, or if you are simply a professional in need of work, BEAVSC is the solution for you.

Members of our team work as agents for many of the top Fortune 500 companies serviced by Arise. Agents assist customers either by phone or online chat with customer service, sales or technical support. (Outbound calls are rarely required.) Agents select the company that they would like to service, as well as the positions they would like to hold. Work at home agents schedule their days and hours worked within the guidelines set by the company serviced. Agents are allowed to service more than one company.


Bass, Edwards & Associates Virtual Services Corporation is a company that is providing highly motivated and energetic people with a worthwhile, life changing opportunity.

About Us

Co-Founder and current Chief Executive Officer; Broderick Bass, a young entrepreneur of many sorts, decided to take his past experiences and form a solution that would benefit the average individual. His vision encompasses creating a company with a vast portfolio of different business ventures, that would make the at home customer service environment accessible to the average individual.

In 2008, Bass Financial & Consulting Services, LLC was formed. Partnering with Arise, Mr. Bass was able to join ventures with a few Fortune 500 Companies to service their clientele. Growing his business from one CSP to five, offered Bass Financial & Consulting Services, LLC, a wide variety of experiences and different challenges.

In 2014, partnering with Dorian Edwards, the two co-founded and formed, Bass, Edwards & Associates Virtual Services Corporation (BEAVSC). Dorian Edwards, Chief Operations Officer, brings a vast knowledge of customer service skills, and savvy business techniques.

  • Unlimited earning potential

  • Work from the comfort of you home

  • Flexible Hours

  • ​No daily commute to and from the office

  • ​Save money on fuel

  • ​Work life balance

  • ​Sustainability

  • ​Strategic Planning

  • ​More time with family

  • ​We really care about our CSP’s success

  • Business Coaching

  • Career Advancements

  • Independence

  • Limitless Possibilities

  • Team Support